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It's All in the Details

What I love about creating collages is the surprise factor, and this applies to myself as well as my audiences. I am constantly surprised by the images I discover while leafing through a magazine, and how they magically work in my collages. I try to think outside the box, for example, I don't use tree images for trees, instead I use Dior dresses. I have used sheepskin coats for rocks, buttons for eyes, text for tree bark, and blankets for waves in the ocean. The only limit I see is how creative I allow myself to be, given my material constraints, in any moment in time.

It's a challenge to see images without the labels we put on them. Sometimes I look through magazines upside-down to do this (and to avoid being distracted by reading some of the articles). We have spent our entire lives putting labels on things, and it's sometimes a challenge to step back and see things differently in art and in life. To see the face of a cat as a petal on a flower is my challenge.

Here are some improbable details I put in my collages that you may have missed. Look at the detail in the first photo, then see if you can find it in the second photo.

Hands dealing cards in "Looking Up"

"Looking Up" Original Collage. Gina Torkos

A group of astronauts in "Trust your Wings"

"Trust Your Wings" Original Collage. Gina Torkos

An image of a boy from a fresco in Pompeii in "Minding the Nest"

"Minding the Nest" Original Collage. Gina Torkos

OK, for you pros, I did choose pretty obvious details.

What other objects did you find that made you smile? Keep looking, it's a bit like eye-spy, or Where's Waldo; only from a distance, it looks like a painting (without any paint).

Hope you enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed creating!

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