• Marine Street Studio

Marine Street Studio in 2018

Creating my dream studio on Marine Street reaffirms my long held belief that

anything is possible!

Recently my husband Mark and I ditched the suburbs to embrace the urban lifestyle. Our sons grew up and left home, leaving us free to explore small city living.

Our new home base in the South, is in Historic St. Augustine, Florida. We are just a few blocks from all the culture our town has to offer (including Aviles Gallery, where you can find my work). Our bicycles have replaced our cars. We found an old house with great potential (over one hundred years old on a 50 foot wide lot, and horribly termite infested). As Mark sulked at the initial scope of the project, my response was "You have no vision!" He eventually came around, and we proceeded to "renovate" it. Three years later we are calling this our forever home. This move came with the added benefit of creating a home art studio for me. A dedicated studio that doesn't double as a kitchen, dining room, guest bedroom or exercise room, which were the previous incarnations of my studio. My New York City apartment dining room currently serves as my "northern studio", but that's another post!

I spent many hours on Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz and internet searches, looking for art studio ideas. Every artist has different requirements for a functional, yet creative space, and I researched them all. My theory is, if there are a million ideas, I want to look at all of them.

At the end of that research, I was able to focus on some key requirements for the art I create; collages and oil paintings, and for finding balance in my life (meditation, yoga and reading).

My Ultimate Home Art Studio Requirements were in no particular order...

1. Plenty of natural light, including a north facing bank of windows (artist nirvana)

2. Other lighting sources: some practical (spots and art lights), some whimsical (60" tall wooden chandelier and an antique marble angel reading light)

3. A Large, flat cleanable collage workspace (which was placed on top of a base made out of a deconstructed antique door frame ...I recycled everything)

4. Easel space (by a window)

5. Office space (free of paint and glue..)

6. Adequate ventilation (screened windows that open and doors to escape through)

7. Storage space (since there is no storage closet) and bookshelves to the ceiling (never enough space for a book lover!)

8. Artwork display space (I borrowed my husband's garage slat wall idea)

9. Industrial sink that no one makes me clean

10. Large mirror to view artwork (it came from our last house... it needed a home and I needed a mirror)

11. Music system (with spotify playlists)

12. Floor space/framing area/yoga space

13. A Porch to watch the birds and the boats go by and to get inspiration from nature

14. Kaleidoscopes close at hand for needed inspirational breaks

15. Cozy reading nook with a lamp and throws

I achieved everything on my list with the help of so many people, and for that

I am very grateful. I was inspired to create this incredible space, and now, as I walk into my studio, it inspires me back.

So here it is, my studio. This is the place I have created to nurture my spirit, and to create my unique art. Now that I am finally settled in, I wanted to start 2018 off in a new direction. Now I have plenty of time to focus my attention on creating art and sharing my thoughts. I have wanted to have a forum to express my ideas, demonstrate my techniques, share my insights, post works in progress, etc. for some time, and I think this is the right time. I hope you will stay tuned, get inspired and perhaps even learn something to help you on your art journey.

This is going to be another magical year!



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